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Hello and thanks for visiting.  For my entire career I've been creating impactful stories for brands, television, digital and everything in between.  There isn't a medium or emerging technology that I don't use and that's part of the fun.  Delivering an amazing story to reach the widest possible audience no matter how they choose to watch.  It's a challenge, but reinventing the way we tell stories is one of most fun parts of the job. 

I am my mother's son, having grown up in an Italian-American home in the Hudson Valley, NY and am equally at home prepping a meal for 25 of my friends as I am leading the creative direction of a national campaign.  Much more information about me and my work is below.

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Professional Overview

Contact me for: Creative Strategy & Implementation, Project Management, Studio and Creative Services Leadership, Branding, Communications, Operations, Budget Creation, PR, Animation, Art Direction, Video Production

In a progressive career with renowned creative agencies as well as up-and-coming and well-established brands, Walter Biscardi Jr. has conceived and implemented numerous successful and often award-winning creative campaigns. Guiding all aspects of the campaigns, he consistently delivered premiere, revenue-generating solutions that surpassed result forecasts. 

Walter is the model of a modern Creative Director. He built a strong foundation of traditional and digital production for broadcast, documentaries, digital series and social media including designing production facilities and workflows. Able to fully understand and plan the production processes, he designs storytelling campaigns and production techniques that maximize all delivery platforms. 

Biscardi has produced and edited programming that airs on Sesame Street, CNN, The Food Network, Cooking Channel, NBC News, ABC News, PBS and The Weather Channel among others. His corporate clientele has included IBM, The Home Depot, Kroger, Mueller Water Systems, The Carter Center and Foxwoods Resort Casino to name a few.

Most know Walter for his four seasons of work with Alton Brown on "Good Eats."  Always a foodie, Walter launched in 2017 bringing together his love to food and travel. A Featured Speaker and Trainer, Walter presents on current production techniques and technologies in the film and video industry. He is also contributing author to and a James Beard Award Judge.

Key Experience Areas:
Creative Strategy & Implementation
Original Content Development and Execution
Creative Services Management
Video Production
Project Management including Workfront
Change Agent
Facility and Workflow design

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Walter Biscardi, Jr. 

Atlanta, GA     

Creative Strategy & Implementation / Concurrent Project Management / Branding / Communications Operations / Budget Creation / PR / Animation / Art Direction / Video Production

Award-winning creative executive who drives all aspects of content creation and implementation including media, video, print, and animation to deliver innovative storytelling and branding. Leads teams to high-performance delivery of products that align with business expectations. Can contribute by:

  • Creating additional revenue streams
  • Developing streamlined workflows, improving creative efficiencies
  • Leading teams in the development of creative campaigns that ensure ROI
  • Managing multiple projects at once, delivering breakthrough creative solutions

Highly-analytical and creative thinker with a strong focus on effective cross-departmental communication and workflow. Accustomed to high pressure situations, delivers top-quality, on-time and within budget solutions to meet and exceed client expectations. 

Education: BS, Production for the Electronic Media, Syracuse University



2017 - 2018: CREATIVE DIRECTOR, GEORGIA-PACIFIC, leading manufacturer of tissue, pulp, paper, packaging, and building products with household name brands such as Brawny, Quilted Northern, and Dixie cups and tableware.

Implemented agency workflow in Corporate Communications and GP Studios. Introduced a campaign workflow to develop cohesive messaging across all deliverables vs. ‘one-offs.’ 

Identified and helped rolled out Workfront project management system to increase efficiency & eliminate redundancies. Workfront Proofing tool ensured all stakeholders were viewing and approving the proper version of any project. 

Strategized and Produced ‘moving the needle’ campaigns to create storylines vs. reactionary storylines to form connections with the consumer. Combined Americana with modern social and digital media techniques to deliver “We Are,” the story of Georgia-Pacific, one small town at a time. Developed “Sustainability in Action” around the simplicity of one or two images in a series of :15 spots.

Strategized recruitment campaigns with HR to elevate the GP brand among the new generation of college graduates and technical students. Helped guide the development and delivery of a VR 360 project to put the graduates in the middle of their potential jobs. Strategized a major military recruitment campaign across all media culminating with an experiential platform at a major sporting event. 

Strategized and Produced “MLK 50 Remembrance,” in just two weeks to present GP as a leader in racial & community disparity discussions. Honoring the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the 50th Anniversary of his assassination, this video shattered all-time views on GP’s Facebook page in just 10 days. 

Strategized the re-branding of an internal department. Developed a campaign to engage, entertain and educate the internal audience on the power of unity and cohesion. 

Shepherded a major upgrade to GP Studios, the internal creative production agency, through the introduction of a media server and new tools in post-production. Staged a ‘reintroduction’ of GP Studios, one of the largest studios in downtown Atlanta, to the Georgia film and television industry for potential rental. 


BISCARDI CREATIVE MEDIA, award-winning media production company producing for a global audience and global clientele, focused on quality storytelling. 

2001 - 2017: Creative Director and Executive Producer

Architected the design, creation, and delivery of all media content to clients including Food Network, Cooking Channel, PBS, ABC News, Bridgestone Golf, PING, and Home Depot Racing.

Biscardi Creative Media is a national-award winning creative agency focused on quality storytelling for a global audience. 

Designed a creatively efficient production studio encompassing production, post-production, asset management, insert studio and client amenities featuring a 5.1 mixing theater, 5 edit suites, color suite, 98TB NAS, 2PB media library, 50’s game room kitchen and a huge backyard for the dogs. 

Strategized the creative, Co-Produced and developed production processes and workflows for feature documentaries and programming resulting in maximum efficiency, creative quality and meeting stringent distribution specifications. Projects included “Good Eats” with Alton Brown (Food Network), “This American Land” (PBS), “Foul Water, Fiery Serpent” (Feature & PBS), “Sesame Street,” PBS, “Explosive Speed” (Bridgestone Golf), “Arson Dogs” (Victoria Stilwell/State Farm), “Assignment Earth” (AJI) and “Science Nation” (NSF).

Strategized and Produced internal / external campaigns focused on exceptional storytelling for an array of global clients including The Carter Center, Cielo Productions, Heraeus Group, Vestergaard, PING, Gwinnett County Public Schools (GA) and more. Roles included Producing, Scripting, Directing, Editing and Color Grading per the project needs.

Strategized and Produced an original science education series to engage elementary school students in the largest school district in Georgia. The series included modern animation and children's movie techniques to engage and entertain the students to foster memory retention. Roles included Writer, Producer, Director, Animator, Colorist.

Developed new mobile device storytelling techniques to reduce the cost and time to produce and deliver client stories to the audience. 


Creative Director and Partner, ACME Digital Design, LLC, 1998 to 2001. Directed teams up to 100+ crew and budgets up to $250K. Led all editorial, motion graphics, 3D animation and live events for predominately corporate clientele including Kroger, North American Mission Board and Edwards Fine Foods.

Additional: Author,; Senior Video Editor, Primerica Financial Services; Studio Manager, Foxwoods Resort Casino; Video Editor and Producer, CNN.

Technical Skills

Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, 4k/UHD/HD Workflows, Panasonic GH4 / DSLR Cameras, Blackmagic Design Teranex, Blackmagic Design Cameras, Showbiz Budgeting, NAS / SAN Design and Implementation, Digital Asset Management, Studio and Facility design.


  • 2008 Telly Awards (5) : National recognition for achievements in Video Editing, Producing and Animation ("Good Eats" with Alton Brown) 
  • 2007 Peabody Award : National Recognition for my animation contribution to "Good Eats" with Alton Brown 
  • 2007 Telly Award "Good Eats" : National Recognition for my Animation work on "Good Eats" with Alton Brown 
  • 2007 Telly Award "This American Land" : National Recognition for my contribution of "This American Land" (PBS) as Producer, Editor. 
  • 2005 Aurora Award - Best of Show : National recognition for animation work on "Good Eats" with Alton Brown 
  • 2005 Aurora Awards : National Recognition for my Producing and Editorial work on a broadcast commercial for The Tennessean publication. 
  • 2002 Telly Awards (2) : National Recognition for my contributions to "Love Never Fails," Editor; "Finding Christ in Crises," Editor 
  • 2005 Telly Awards (2) : National recognition for my Producing, Editorial and motion graphics work on "Marriage" (NAMB) and "The Tennessean" broadcast commercial 
  • 2004 Aurora Awards Best of Show (2) : National Recognition as Best in Show in two categories: "Inner City Evangelism" Editor; "Off Center Dance Theatre" Producer, Director. 
  • 2004 Telly Awards (2) : National recognition for my contribution to: "Inner City Evangelism" Editor; "Powder River Basin" Editor. 
  • 2003 Telly Award : National Recognition for my contribution to "GMVT" (NAMB): Editor. 
  • 2000 SE Regional Emmy Awards : Southeastern Regional recognition as a contributor to "Salsa" (GPB); Animator 
  • 1999 SE Regional Emmy Awards (9) : Southeast Regional Recognition for contributing to "Salsa," (GPB), Animator 
  • 1996 Telly Awards (2) : National Recognition for my contribution to "An Architectural Interpretation of Foxwoods," Producer; "Tour de Chefs," Producer. 
  • 1993 National Emmy Award : National Recognition for my contribution to "Network Earth," (CNN/TBS) Editor, Producer 
  • 1994 NY Festivals Best Documentary : National Recognition for my contribution to "Guatemala, Rising from the Ruins," (CNN), Editor 
  • 1993 CableACE Award : National recognition as a contributor to "Network Earth" (CNN/TBS), Editor


When I'm not working you can usually find me in the kitchen or out on the patio grilling.  I am my mother's son and LOVE to cook and entertain.   Some of my specialities are pizza on the grill, pastas and craft cocktails.  

Each Christmas Eve I host up to 24 friends and family for the annual "Feast of the Seven Fishes."  A traditional southern Italian meal that was the highlight of Christmas with my family each year.  My grandfather brought the tradition over from Italy and each year when the seafood sauce starts cooking, I'm taken right back to my Mom's kitchen and those feelings of comfort of joy.  

If I'm not cooking I'm probably traveling with my lovely wife.  We are avid cruisers and foodies who love to explore new foods and places to eat whereever we are.  We love the camraderie of meeting new friends each time we sail on a cruise.  

Our children are four-legged with Molly the Wonder Dog along with the cats Ernie and Bert.  We love rescue animals and at one time I was on the Board of Directors of Pilots N Paws, one of the largest animal rescue groups in the United States.  

My goals in life are simply to laugh and love.  We all get one shot at this thing called life, so why not laugh at yourself along the way.